De Caviar Daily Repair Cream


109,000 won

■ Powerful skin absorption

Almost identical to human skin cell structure

(70% moisture content) Cellular structure for skin affinity 

Excellent, quickly and effectively absorbed

■ Skin barrier formation

The effective ingredient in 50,000 ppm of pure caviar extract is...

By supplying protein to MICROUND,

Increase skin density and high content protein for weakened skin.

Form a protective film.

De Caviar Daily Repair Cream


 109,000 won

Effectiveness of caviar extract by ingredient Key Point

Effectiveness of caviar extract by ingredient Key Point

■ Skin Hypoallergenic Human Application Test Completed

Test institution: Human Skin Clinical Test Center Co., Ltd.

Test number: HM-210112-IR0021-28

Test subjects: 33 people험대상 :  33명

Testing institution: 2021.01.12 to 2021.01.14

* Skin irritation index 0.00. It was evaluated as a non-stimulating product.

* This was carried out in accordance with the Food and Drug Administration's Cosmetics Guidelines and the Agency's Standard Operation Guidelines (SOP).

* All the test procedures were conducted under the inspection of the reliability guarantee representative.

Apply an appropriate amount at the last stage of skincare every morning and evening, depending on skin texture 

Gently absorbs from inside to outside of the face